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Juvenal Mozart

grand hotel

Alain was recruited by a Hospitality firm in France, named Juvenal Mozart. The purpose of the recruitment was to serve as President of Juvenal Mozart and asset manage the development of a newly constructed Renaissance located in Aix en Provence. The principals of this venture had limited hotel experience. Accepting the role of President, Alain […]

Amadria Park Hotels

amadria park hotel croatia

In the Fall of 2017 Katarina Lilic with Amadria Park Hotels in Croatia, sent a short note to Haydn requesting his insight on three things, she inquired,  “Can you help us with some challenges we have? 1.) Can you help us teach our Salespeople to sell for all eleven of our hotels, and not just […]

Beverage Metrics

Beverage Metrics

Inventory management has always been a major pain point in the hospitality industry. Understanding the operational complexity of properties with multiple restaurant and bar outlets, our founders were hired as CEO and COO by Beverage Metrics to develop and deliver ahigh-tech solution to help reduce “shrinkage” in on-premises beverage sales in hospitality. We recruited, hired, […]