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Juvenal Mozart

Alain was recruited by a Hospitality firm in France, named Juvenal Mozart. The purpose of the recruitment was to serve as President of Juvenal Mozart and asset manage the development of a newly constructed Renaissance located in Aix en Provence.

The principals of this venture had limited hotel experience. Accepting the role of President, Alain was charged with the delicate task of liaison between Juvenal and Marriott International, to optimize the relationship for his client.

Alain guided both through the pitfalls of international partnerships, rife with language, custom and business practice differences. With this backdrop Alain was able to increase effective communication between the franchisor, Marriott, and the franchisee, Juvenal. Both came to learn the intentions of the other and the dynamics of their interactions across the Atlantic.

As a result, the Aix en Provence, Renaissance sales and profits achieved more than the budgeted proforma forecast. This aligned well with the other primary goal of the Juvenal ownership; to position the property for sale.  The return on investment achieved upon sale maximized Juvenal Mozart’s return at a price secured under Alain’s leadership.

The geography of the assignment didn’t seem to bother Alain either.

“It is better to stand by someone’s side than yourself.”
~ Jack London