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Our Services

Asset Management

Owners, Bankers, Private Equity, even Brands at times have specific need for insights beyond P&L, market share, and data analysis. Valley of the Moon Partners reports with all those metrics. But, if the heart and soul of your business, your hotel, is in peril we can offer distinct insights on risk, how to grow success and ensure your property team is aligned and anticipating the future.  Monthly and quarterly reports of data are the expectation of Asset Management. Deeper insights that allow adjustments to performance and profitability are not always found in most commentary from consultants. You can expect those details from Valley of the Moon Partners.

Sales & Marketing

Design. Execution. Results.

The reality facing hotel Sales & Marketing teams today is a forever changed landscape. Top line revenue is flipped on its head, Weekends are busy, Weekdays are slow, Groups are cherished, “Bleisure” trips rule combined agendas. Revenue Managers argue for OTA’s, sometimes correctly. Does your team use a CRM effectively, understand Artificial Intelligence? Have a vivid proactive Sales Strategy? Can your team connect to world markets again? Do they understand the “Buyer Persona” of your asset? Is the multifaceted nature of corporate demand clearly articulated in a living document prepared annually? Exactly how does your premium client wish to buy, and be “rewarded”? Valley of the Moon Partners can quickly assess the capacity, skill, and level of execution and appropriately present facts to enhance that effort.

Branding: Independence or Affiliation?

It is important to define “Brand” or “Independent” performance expectations in financial terms; the reality and risk of that choice: Luxury resort, city center power property, jewel of an independent, or a historic ranch. The decision to Brand or not, affiliate with an intermediary, or become a boutique in a register of like-minded Boutiques is a critical decision for owners, developers, and investors. Valley of the Moon Partners has deep knowledge of the implications inherent in all these choices. We can clearly convey the facts, pitfalls, and options available in the world of hotels today.

International Markets

Liaison for Europe and North America

Valley of the Moon Partners have extensive experience in Europe, The United States and Canada in both operational and sales disciplines.  These insights include from “ground up” to nurturing cherished gems on both sides of the Atlantic. Our team can navigate the international complexities for owners, investors, and operators across international markets.

Markets & Hotel Positioning

Traditionally, hotel positioning and site selection has been informed by market dynamics, a parcel of land, and a willing banker; no more. Cultural, economic, and post pandemic realities make this an even more critical financial decision: “City Center impenetrable 20-year asset by a luxury brand? or distant “immersive experience” resort with private infinity pools?  A classic ranch converted to lodging for a family trust investment. Valley of the Moon Partners can guide clients across brands, hotel concepts, scope of development—-and the implications of each.  We have completed these tasks “on the ground” many times.

Current State Diagnostic

From The Biltmore to The Broadmoor, an exclusive Naples retreat or isolated surf resort in Bali, all great successful hotel properties require meticulous attention as investments and environments. It is valuable to gain an objective perspective that cuts to the heart of the matter. Valley of the Moon Partners can craft a “white paper” document, quickly defining the challenges of a struggling asset or one aspiring to greater things.  A “Diagnostic” appropriate for owners, investors, or the currently active Management company can reveal challenges, or growing success. Fresh insights into the composite financial state of a property, the level of operational execution and customer experience is a reality check, good or bad for key stakeholders.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people.”
~ Steve Jobs