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Legend has it that native tribes of Sonoma called it “The Valley of the Moon” because “many moons” in their native tongue described the mystical phenomenon of a place “where the moon appears to rise and set seven times behind the peaks of the Mayacamas mountains that rim the valley, and is therefore sacred.”

Jack London found it no less so when he wrote “Valley of the Moon”, heralding the coming of Steinbeck and Kerouac. Alain, long a resident of Sonoma, steeped in vineyards and the lore of its beauty, said to Zach, “Valley of the Moon Partners,” that has a nice ring to it and a sense of place that inspires me, a sense of partnership and commitment to clients…. Let’s go with it.”


Hospitality and excellence are not always a given. Hotels are complex expressions of architecture, place, and investment. Valley of the Moon Partners are experts in hotels. We bring decades of execution, from conception to design and operation; striving for excellence in all measures. When clients need insight that clarifies risk and potential rewards, we know the path to success.

That path to success today is ever more complex – engaging technology, artificial intelligence, and a generation of travelers redefining what meaningful service and hotels look and feel like. Valley of the Moon Partners is on the cutting edge of that conversation. It all matters. In the end, it is your people who make it all work. That is a truth we respect and help you nurture, always.

Our Story

Our Team

Alain Piallat

Alain Piallat


Le Meridien, Diamond Rock, President of Marriott Canada, GM of the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

Haydn Kramer

Haydn Kramer


Marriott Market General Manager, VP Sales & Marketing Concord Hospitality, VP Operations Hostmark Hospitality

Zach Lawrence

Co-Founder, Director, IT

Technology expert, Founding Partner, and Managing Director.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty"”
~ Winston Churchill