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Beverage Metrics

Inventory management has always been a major pain point in the hospitality industry. Understanding the operational complexity of properties with multiple restaurant and bar outlets, our founders were hired as CEO and COO by Beverage Metrics to develop and deliver ahigh-tech solution to help reduce “shrinkage” in on-premises beverage sales in hospitality.

We recruited, hired, and managed a team of technical installers, software developers, and industry consultants who developed a combined (rfid) hardware and (cloud-based) software solution that provides real-time inventory monitoring in the storeroom and at the bar, tracks pour at the bar, and reconciles pour data with the POS system. The system collects pour data on wine and spirits using a bottle tag that tracked time and tilt, beverage type, and bottle volume, all of which would be factored through a proprietary algorithm to calculate the pour volume.

We created and maintained partnerships with a host of vendors, distributors, and customers, planned and executed major events and trade shows, and curated the online marketing/social media presence. Though years ahead of its time, the hotel industry loved the product. Through these efforts, the Beverage Metrics system was installed at numerous Hyatt Hotels across the US and in Aruba, at Disney World in Orlando, and at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. At all locations, the installation of Beverage Metrics successfully enabled operators to better manage their inventory and reduce their beverage costs by multiple points, savings thousands of dollars in purchases each month.

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